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Wine tent 10x10m SH 2.40m

16.600*net amount

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  • Wine Tent profile 130 x 70 x 3 mm
  • White translucent roof covers and gable walls
  • Transparent or white translucent side and gable walls
  • 1x single door 1.185 x 2.14 m with door header
  • 1x double door 2.16 x 2.14 m with door header
  • Steel-aluminium sub-base with wooden floor boards

1 in stock


Wine tent, including white translucent PVC roof cover and gable triangle. The side and gable walls are poly glass or translucent white PVC. Includes a 1.185 x 2.14 m single door with door header, a 2.16 x 2.14 m double door with door header and a steel-aluminium sub-base with wooden floor boards.




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